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March 13, 2009

$1 Trillion Dollars-a visual of debt has a wonderful visual to illustrate what a trillion dollars looks like. It’s such a large amount for us (that deal in only thousands) to comprehend.

Click here to get the whole dramatic story

Or here’s the punch line:

There is a person in the far left-hand corner. Yikes!!

There is a person in the far left-hand corner. Yikes!!






That is $100 dollar bills bound together and stacked the height of a person on pallets.

The US government has contractual liabilities that total over $60 trillion dollars in the next twenty years.

Prepare for hyperinflation, as the government has three choices, print money, raise taxes, or go back on their word. I venture to guess that with $60 trillion staring them in the face, they will do all three.

Our deficit for this year alone is $8 trillion dollars.

The estimated amount of global counter-derivatives and other debit-related bets (I mean “investments”) is $531.2 trillion (in 2008).

A collapse of the global economy and financial structure is happening right now. With these numbers, the world wide depression will be an “L’ shaped depression and will probably be at least 10 years long.

The next twenty years will be completely unlike the last twenty years. Prepare and purchase real assets to preserve your wealth. 

It is also my opinion that the US dollar (or other world-wide reserve currency) will be revalued at some point in such a way as to be dependent on this huge debit. It may not be advertised that way, but they will calculate it in. So that will mean if you own or have your savings/retirement in this new currency, it will really be debt.

Be very careful. Buy real assets for your retirement and savings.

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