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March 17, 2009

Neil Strauss-Emergency

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I just finished Neil Strauss’ new book, Emergency, this weekend.

Excellent read.

I really like how he covered all the possible ways to approach and prepare for an emergency. Everything from urban warfare to backwoods retreats to second passports. And of course, he went through the process himself. So with Neil’s flash, it is an entertaining way to take in the most dull information. It will save your life.

If you haven’t taken in the book, please do. You may know Neil from his other books, like The Game and How to Make Love Like a Porn Star.

Although this is written for the urban male, no reason why a woman can’t learn to kill and skin a goat, get out of hand cuffs while locked in a trunk, and shoot a gun. Probably more important skills for women to learn anyway. (OK, maybe not the goat part.)

If you really want to learn how to survive, you will need to do more research, but this is an excellent introduction to surviving emergancies and contacting the right people to learn more.

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