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June 11, 2009

Martin Armstrong’s Latest Letter June 3, 2009

 Martin Armstrong’s latest letter of June 3, 2009 is out on the web, Anatomy of a Debt Crisis.

Read his complete letter here.

No current market predictions in this particular letter.

Martin compares the United States to the Roman Empire from an economic standpoint.

Although I don’t agree with all the Mr. Armstrong’s arguments or all his proposed solutions, he makes a valid point. The fall of the Roman Empire is much to blame on the over-extension through debt creation and then currency debasement.

The same procedure the US is taking now.

I don’t know that the US can stop this transfer of world power by debt any more than Britain could to the United States. Empires, countries, and even individuals tend to do whatever it takes to preserve their power (control), even if that very action destroys that power.

Get out of the way the government’s perservation process and protect your capital.

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