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June 19, 2009

Martin Armstrong’s Latest Letter June 12, 2009

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Click here to read full letter. By Martin Armstrong entitled “Is Fortuna Going to Change Course for Obama?” Released June 12, 2009.


My comments and the highlights:

Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune. Will she change her course for Obama? The short answer is no. No matter who was elected president in 2008, him or her was doomed by the current economic cycle.

The first section is a review of American history and England’s oppression of the Colonies prior to the Revolution. American Colonists were upset with the British Government because there was no rule of law in the Colonies (because they were just that colonies). British government could search homes and businesses (and take what they liked in the process). When the Colonies tried to complain and sue in British Courts, the cases were thrown out.

Martin Armstrong points out that Obama has now asked foreign countries (and therefore banks) to open records on Americans without due process. You can guess the conclusion.

Martin continues his argument that the absence of the Rule of Law in the United States will be its downfall and the timing of that fall will coincide with his Confidence Model.

The conclusion is the best read:

  • Economic crisis will continue and cause Obama to be a one-term president. The nation is not happy with Republicans either and therefore the possibility of a 3rd party in 2012 is strong.
  • High volatility in the markets will continue, 40% of trading is in ETFs.
  • The government will continue to sell debt, but soon the world will stop buying.

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