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October 15, 2009

Saving for a rainy day

If you read my blog regularly, you know that I suggest to stop putting money into your 401K and start investing in gold (if you have lots of money) and silver (if you have not so much money) for retirement.

But what about those people who don’t have any money to save. Here are my suggestions for “saving” for a rainy day when you don’t have any extra money.

Some things are short term, some are long term.

Buy a few extra cans of food and toiletries each week/month and start filling a pantry. Even if it’s just one extra thing. It may take a while, but it’s better than nothing. Buy some canned meat/fish one week, and canned vegetables/fruits, the next, and so on to rice and soups. Have a variety available and buy things you like.

Plant a garden (or go in with a friend, if you don’t have access to land). If you are in an apartment building, plant in pots and containers or on the roof. There may be a community garden in your neighborhood or start one. Fresh food is expensive, try to plan to have some on hand next season. Seeds and dirt are cheap. Grow inside during the winter. Try a sunny south facing window or grow lights are available at the hardware store. Plant what you like to eat.

Preserve your food from the garden for the winter, canning, freezing, and drying. Lots of books at the library about different ways to preserve food.

Join a local food club or CSA. More and more people are getting together to buy in bulk, not just organic food, but all types of food.

Become friends with your local farmer, they hang out at the local farmer markets. They, just like the grocery stores, have produce that is very good, but not “eye-appealing” for one reason or another. Ask if you can buy at a discount or just take the extra unsellables. They give you too much….preserve.

Only stock up on the necessary things you will need. This is not consumerism, it is called being prepared.

Don’t forget you have these items stored away, use them when you need them. Then, replenish when you can.

If you will be choosing between paying the electric bill and eating, imagine what a better position you will be in, if you had food saved for a month.

Save food and toiletries for a period of sickness, unemployment, natural disaster or just a time of low funds. (I suggest storing some drinkable water for the natural disaster possibility.)

Having even a week of food stored will give you options in an emergency. Options will give you more peace of mind.

Side musing: silver is $17.70 right now. If you can save $20.00 a month and buy a silver coin each month, you will thank me in 4 years. (If you can only save $5 per month, buy a silver coin every 4 months.)The USDollar is being debased, silver coins are an easy way to protect the purchasing power of a small savings. Start today doing what you can.

Side-side musing: if you are not blessed with a great-grand mother to teach you how to cook on a very tight budget, check out Clara, Depression Cooking with Clara, on youtube. Click here for the main page, then chose a season to watch for free. Lots of good ideas for under a dollar per serving. If you have more funds, add more to the basics she presents. Lots of great stories in the mist of the cooking lesson.

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