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October 18, 2009

Dollar headed down-breaks through support level

and with it….your purchasing power.

Updated 11-9-09, the US Dollar was testing .76 when I penned this post, today (less than 30 days later) it’s at .7505, testing another support level on its way down. Global trading partners (i.e. China and Saudi Arabia) are paying close attention to this fall. This is what Jim Sinclair was talking about..referenced below. Dollar could bounce back in the short-term, but the trend is well established for the long-term.

Click here  for an article by Dan Norcini.

Protect yourself from the theft of your wealth by these conscienceless politicians and monetary officials for they have sold their citizenry down the river and plundered them in the process far more thoroughly than Attila and his army of Huns ever did to Rome of old. At least the Roman inhabitants were aware of the rape and pillaging of their substance – when the general public finally awakens to the despicable looting of their treasures by these reeking buzzards, they will rush into gold with a fury that will shock even many of the readers of this site.

I know everyone is talking about the 10,000 DOW. Please hold your applause. The stock market is going sideways if you factor in the fall of the dollar. This is all an illusion, folks. Click here  for the REAL data. And here. (And Jon Stewart covered this on his October 15th show.) This is what hyperinflation looks like, only 100 times worse. It looks like your investment has gained value, but it hasn’t. This is only the beginning.

Jim Sinclair talks about more downside of the dollar very soon. Click here.

The best investment strategy in this current business cycle is capital preservation by anticipating a falling dollar and then complete currency crisis.

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