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October 31, 2009 real information

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Here is the free information from John Williams at Pay for the good stuff, worth every penny. Read bolded commentary first.

In the past three weeks, three “Commentaries” have been
published.  Although these are available in full only
to paid SGS-Subscribers, we summarize their key “bullet
point” here for your interest.

No. 250: General Outlook and Trade Data Update
—————————————————— October 9th, 2009

– Bernanke Pushes Monetary-Base Panic Button
– M3 Headed for Still Weaker Growth
– Substance Behind U.S. Dollar Concerns and Gold Rally
FY2009 Government Obligations Likely Hit $75 Trillion
– Trade Deterioration Should Be Minor Drag on 3q09 GDP
Economic and Solvency Crises Continue, Inflation Risk Ahead

No. 251: General Outlook, CPI and Retail Sales
October 15th, 2009
September Annual Inflation -1.3% (CPI-U), 6.1% (SGS)
– CPI-U Inflation Spike Due by Year-End
– No Recovery: September Real Retail Sales Continued
Bottom-Bouncing at Low-Level Plateau
10 Years of Retail Sales Growth Gone

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  Small summary chart of Retail Sales
levels is available on our home page, (Lower right-hand side)

No. 252: General Outlook, Housing, Production and PPI
October 20th, 2009

– Key Indicators Continue Bottom-Bouncing at Low-Level
Plateaus of Business Activity
10 Years of Production Growth Has Evaporated,
All Post-World War II Housing Growth Is Gone
– Positive Quarterly 3rd-Qtr GDP Growth Would Not Mean
Recession’s End
PPI Annual Inflation Should Turn Positive by Year-End

PLEASE ALSO NOTE:  Small summary chart of the Industrial Production index is available on our home page, (Lower right-hand side)

Alternate Data

The following three data series were also updated.

CPI, Money Supply,  US Dollar Index

Charts of these can be viewed at:

(for more Money Supply charts)

Thank you for your interest in

Kind regards,

The ShadowStats Team

And this on Thursday Oct. 29, 2009:

Recession Is Not Over
– Quarterly GDP Growth Is Not Sustainable, with 92% of Growth in Nonrecurring Factors
Annual GDP Down 2.3% (5.7% SGS) (Different than up 3.5%, isn’t it?)
– 4th-Quarter GDP Should Resume Quarter-to-Quarter Decline
– Durables Goods Orders at 1997 Level
– Help-Wanted Adverting at New 58-Year Low

Side musing: 9 banks down yesterday. Is your cash protected? Spread your cash for personal and business spread over at least 2-3 banks.

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