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November 17, 2009

Newest from

John Williams from has some good information this week. This site is the BEST! It has the real data…not the government’s gimmicks stuff. You have to pay for the detail, but it is worth every penny. The link is on my blogroll, lots of free stuff as well.

Jump in September Trade Deficit
Places Downside Pressure on GDP Revision

Annual CPI Inflation to Surge
Turning Positive by November

Credit Squeeze Intensifies

Irrespective of near-term market gyrations, the long-term outlook remains extremely bearish for U.S. equities and the U.S. dollar, and extremely bullish for gold and silver. The economy still faces an eventual hyperinflationary great depression, with high risk of that circumstance beginning to unfold in the year ahead.

New feature at the site:

Shadow Government Statistics New Site Feature: Search Function. We now have our own “search engine” available at the top-right hand corner of each web-page. Searching is a difficult thing to make both simple and effective, and so we provide some “Search Tips” (see link at top of Search Page) and we ask for your patience and comments on your experience with using it.

One tip to stress is that in searching for common terms, such as “GDP” and “unemployment” it is best to use some other key words or a date range, in order to narrow down the search results. So, if you are trying to find comments on, say, the 1st Qtr 2008 GDP report, you might narrow the search to content published between April 1, 2008 and December 31, 2008.

We also have ideas at the planning stage for a further index of data series reports which we hope to provide soon.

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