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November 21, 2009

FED’s printing press still running full speed

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The FED has publicly and secretly injected $268 billion in the economy in the last 2 months.

This says to groovygirl that there is a secret crisis happening NOW that the FED is trying to print its way out. Whether their plan works or not in the short-term, this confirms a flood of dollars at some point coming back to haunt the FED and destroy the middle class’s savings. The dollar will continue to lose money long-term.

If we are in a recovery, there would be no reason to print so much. We are NOT in a recovery, but a “cover-up”. I find it interesting that all of the F-TV talking heads have nothing to say about this major financial development. Of course, they haven’t covered the bogus changes in the accounting rules to bury toxic debts either.

An uninformed investor will lose his investment.

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