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December 24, 2009

Misc. news and links for your consideration

Click here for US block of China’s purchase of NV gold mining company.Very interesting. Apparently, China owning an American gold mining company is a security threat.

Click here for Jim Sinclair’s latest radio interview on gold and the dollar. Very good, listen twice or three times. All you need to know is in this interview.

Click here for Jim Rogers and Marc Faber thoughts on the coming crisis.

Click here for an interesting look back at the stock market in the last decade. It was the worst market for investors…..ever. We are in the winter cycle of the K-wave. Invest in assets that will keep their purchasing power in the next 10 years…..precious metals and commodities.

Click here….Project Mayhem on zerohedge (.) com talks about 2010, food, and gold.

Click here…..just a reminder of the reset of mortgages coming down the pipe. The real estate industry is not in recovery. I have created other posts dealing with this huge issue headed our way in more detail. In addition, there are 1.7 million homes sitting on banks’ balance sheets waiting for the foreclosure process.

Side musing: 7 banks took a dive last friday. The interesting thing is that 3 of those banks had no buyers. This will happen more. Make sure your savings in the bank is FDIC insured and that you have your savings in at least 2-3 banks. We are now reaching a point where banks do not want to buy other banks cheap. The FDIC will have to buy them. At this point, the FDIC will start to drop some serious money to protect depositors. The last step will be giving depositors US Treasuries for their money. This is a slow train wreck. The American banking system is collapsing, just like it did in 1930’s, just slower, and the media will not cover it. The result will be the same. Use this time to protect yourself, do not think that the banking system will recover. Click here for the “real” bailout plan from zerohedge (.) com

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