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January 17, 2010

Systems completely redefined

I presented some quotes yesterday from Bucky Fuller. I hope, very inspiring to you.

As if on clue, Warren Pollock (Inflection Points) talked about Bucky Fuller’s inspirational ideas to move us forward to the time past the Great Reset.

The constraints we are experiencing today will be the opportunities of the time after the Great Reset or the refreezing. Think about that. What constraints are we under now? What new constraints will become clear in the near future? (Peak oil, fiat currency system, local vs. global systems, more people world-wide, expectations from government, debt as growth, empire, pollution/waste, food security/farming)

Future will be a function of our current constraints and our points of failure, redefining yesterday’s values. How can we move toward those opportunities, learn and talk about them, get our minds out thinking out of the box? Individually, and as a country and the world.

Click here for the video. Main message of future after reset is at 6 min. and 9 min.

Our limitations today are opportunities for tomorrow.

Please take some time to study Bucky Fuller’s ideas, if you have not already. You will hear his name more and more.

Thinking in this way will help calm the fear and see through the confusion of the near future.

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