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January 21, 2010

You can be tossed by the waves…or

There is uncertainty and growing panic out there.

If you are investing short-term (less than 2 years) in this economic environment, expect to get tossed around.

Groovygirl is a long-term trend investor, so I am setting up my investments for the currency crisis (and explosion in precious metals) around 2015, as predicted by Martin Armstrong, Alf Fields, Jim Sinclair, Jim Rogers, and John Williams. I am not listening to nor reacting to the day-to-day noise. Expect wild swings in the dollar, gold, and oil in the short-term. But the long-term trend for gold and oil is up and for the dollar is down. End of story.

The hallmark of the time leading up to a currency crisis is uncertainty. So wild swings in all markets are to be expected. And will be ignored by groovygirl. And when groovygirl says wild swings, I mean swings you have never seen in your lifetime. If you want to play those short-term swings, go right ahead. It is groovygirl’s opinion that you don’t.

The minor battle between deflation and inflation will continue for some time. It is next to impossible to invest in that environment. Our US financial houses live and die on short-term markets, it is how their system is set-up. Other countries actually invest long-term and plan past the next election term and quarterly bonus period. The media follows the short-term.

It is all noise and a distraction to the real paradigm shift happening now on all levels. Our government will continue to react to the crisis at hand rather than address the problems with the system. Make sure you are not making the same mistakes. It is wasted energy.

Groovygirl’s complete focus is on preserving capital for the long-term. I will only use these wild swings as a chance to buy more gold/silver, oil, and non-dollar currencies at low prices.

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