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January 29, 2010

The Crime of the Century

Groovygirl has been following the questioning of the AIG bailout. Several items have come to my attention that you will never see from the talking heads on TV. These facts prove that the bailout of AIG is criminal, and the entire bank bailout should be earnestly questioned in detail. got the “Schedule A” from AIG (the one they have been trying not to release because it affects national security or something). This is a legal tax document required by law showing the list of beneficiaries of the AIG bailout of 100% on the dollar. You have no doubt heard that Timmy demanded 100%, when the investors on this list were willing to take less. Criminal. Timmy should be fired immediately. Click here. And here. has been on top of this story since day one. Excellent job!! Most of the investment and legal jargon will be alien to you, read it anyway. You will get the point.

Then there is an excellent ppt presentation of “follow the bailout money”. Apparently the gov committee assigned to do just what is in this presentation are not done yet. Not expected to be done until end of 2010. Here it is for your review by non-gov. “It takes a Pillage” is easy to follow. You will never see the truth from Big Media, but you can here.

We all know we got screwed as taxpayers. Now here is the proof. The very sad part is the Media did not question the bailouts at the time OR report now when the proof is all over the internet. Since there is no pressure from Big Media and Congress seems to be dysfunctional at best, justice for the crime of the century will never come.

In this environment you will have to hunt for and discern the truth for yourself. You will also be responsible for protecting your investments. Get the education and tools needed to do these two things for yourself and your family.

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