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March 31, 2010

Gold Ponzi Scheme update

Groovygirl is steaming mad. Big Media FAILS once again. Media blackout warning.

CFTC hearing: Andrew Maguire: whistleblower on silver market manipulation. GATA wins!!! Hearing reveals additional info……what GATA has been shouting about for 10 years is also true… market is a ponzi scheme to the tune of 100:1.

NO ONE IS COVERING THIS! Manipulation of the gold market.

This is the most important warning that groovygirl can possibly issue on this blog:

Take physical possession of your gold and silver investments (and put them in a vault).

The exact same thing that happened in the mortgage market when investors suddenly realized that their AAA investments were in fact non-existant WILL happen in the precious metals markets. It is the same musical chair (regulators out to lunch) game, make sure you have a chair.

The reality that the physical gold that currently backs the gold price is 100:1 will come to light. 100:1, that means if you want to exchange your gold investment for actual gold (when everyone else wants theirs to), you will get 1% of your original investment.

It seems in this day and age, no market is untouched by the system of the ponzi scheme.

Click here for Eric King’s (from kingworldnews though interview about the fraud that is the COMEX. Listen very carefully to the things that might happen from the people who are in this business.

Let me make one thing clear, groovygirl is not saying do not invest in gold and silver. Gold and silver is a hedge against the USDollar ponzi scheme. But now, you must take possession of physical gold and silver investment to protect yourself from THAT market’s ponzi scheme.

JP Morgan/Goldman Sachs (or anyone else) can manipulate the market short-term only, and soon it will blow up in their face. Ponzi schemes have one thing in common. They always end and they always end badly. This is the biggest financial fraud in history.

Jesse at Cafe Amercain believes that this information will never be revealed. Maybe, but the effects of this truth, whether exposed or not publicly, must play out somewhere. It may be blamed on something else, but it will play out. At the very least, expect some wild swings in this precious metals bull market as Asia calls the US bluff.

Asia is patient and determined in their ways. Follow their example.

Protect yourself and your investments.

Update: more articles on this most important news story…not from Big Media…click here. Not only does Andrew have emails (posted in links), but there are recorded conversations with Maguire and the CFTC that have not been released. Some video links of the hearing on the link above. Oops…some have “disappeared”. View them quickly before they are all gone.

Another post with more info here. And here.

Another interview at kingworldnews with GATA on the gold fraud. Click here.

Update: groovygirl is kind of taken aback by the lack of concern about the proof of gold and silver market manipulation and fraud, even on the blogs. Groovygirl doesn’t really know what to make of this reaction, or rather lack of reaction. I have come to the conclusion that it is like the Fed and the fiat dollar; we all know that the Fed creates money out of thin air (in fact they admit it on their website) but because the sky has not fallen, everyone thinks it will never fall. Groovygirl says, first, wealth has been stolen from you by money printing through inflation whether you want to admit it or not. And, second, the same is happening in the precious metals market. And if you think these scams can go on forever, you are a fool. K-wave winter cycles are all about resetting to zero.

March 30, 2010

Higher taxes coming your way in the next 5 years

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Jeff Clark outlined some scary new taxes in the Healthcare bill.

Get prepared for more donations to Uncle Sam.

Click here.

The scariest:

Assuming the Senate passes the package of changes, the biggest tax increases will be in Medicare payroll taxes. Those take two forms, both starting in 2013:

  • Singles earning more than $200,000 and couples earning $250,000 will pay 0.9% more on wages and self-employment income.
  • All investment earnings will be taxed an additional 3.8%. This includes capital gains, dividends, and interest, the first time in history the Medicare tax is applied to them.

But keep in mind that the Bush tax cuts expire at the end of this year, which will push the Medicare tax on capital gains to 23.8% in 2013 on these earners. Dividends, currently taxed at the top rate of 15%, will be taxed as ordinary income, with the top rate scheduled to rise to 39.6% (from 35%).

For example, pharmaceutical manufacturers will pay an annual fee based on their market share starting in 2011; same for health insurers, starting in 2014. A 2.3% excise tax on the sale of medical devices will start in 2013. A 10% excise tax on indoor tanning services goes into effect this July. (gg: tanning beds, really?)

How will all these businesses afford the additional tax? They won’t. You’ll pay it, through higher prices.

Perhaps most damaging to the government’s plans is if the bill leads some to ask the Ayn Rand/Atlas Shrugged questions: What if I just stop being productive? What if I stop working once my income approaches the threshold? What if I invest less so that I stay under the limits? [Your editor has already started asking these very questions and wonders why anyone with the means doesn’t prepare a potentially permanent residence outside of the U.S.—ed.]

And last, here’s the time bomb that could trump the tax concerns: none of these taxes are indexed to inflation. Since the bill fails to index to inflation the exemption threshold for the Medicare taxes on both earned and unearned income, it’s almost certain many taxpayers will get to these tax levels a whole lot quicker than they think. (gg: another pitfall of hyperinflation)

What this essentially means is there is now more incentive on the part of the government that we have inflation. If inflation reaches 10% at some point, which is below the 14%+ rate it hit in 1980 and far below any hyperinflationary level that’s possible, the $100,000 earner gets to the magical $200,000 level in seven-and-a-half years. From the government’s perspective, it makes the printing of money a lucrative affair.

Side musing: Harder and harder to have money outside the direct control of the US. Click here. That’s the plan, guys, control the flow of money, then tax the hell out of it (or just directly take it).

March 29, 2010

The Gold Ponzi Scheme

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Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is confirmed. The gold market is a scam.

Click here.

Christian confirms that the gold market is basically a ponzi: “in the “physical market” as the market uses that term, there is much more metal than that…there is a hundred times what there is.” And there you have it: as Douglas eloquently summarizes: “the giant Ponzi trading of gold ledger entries can be sustained only if there is never a liquidity crisis in the REAL physical market. If someone asks for gold and there isn’t any the default would trigger the biggest “bank run” and default in history.

Buy physical gold (and silver).

Groovygirl says….at some point, some country is not going to play by the established rules and break this scheme. There is a terrorist war going on, but there is also a financial war going on. And the West will lose.

I highly doubt this will be covered in Big Media in the way it should be. Please pass along if you like.

Side musing: Martin Armstrong’s thoughts on education. Click here.


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Keeping the readers updated on the censorship plan against the real media.

Click here.

As Big Media is controlled, the next step is to control the real truth (with actual data back up) expressed on the web. Many “organizations” have an action plan to do just that.

March 28, 2010

The new bubble

groovygirl found a very good article explaining the reason the US is not experiencing huge inflation….yet.

Click here.

A few points:

  • The government is very aware that banks are using the cheap money to buy Treasuries and not lending. They are OK with this because no one else wants to buy the debt. Rates will continue to be low to keep this going as long as possible. (January 2011 is the next estimated time that Congress will have to vote for a higher debt ceiling.)
  • US treasuries are a bubble, stay out or only have as much in as you can lose. Do not buy anything longer than a year. (groovygirl is out.)
  • The bubble will pop quickly.
  • Money will rush into non-debt investments (commodities and related investments).
  • The dollar will devalue and then default (or revalue).
  • There will be no money to lend (as it all went into the US Treasury bubble). No credit, no economic expansion, continued and worsening unemployment. No lending means no mortgages, no improvement in the housing market.
  • Inflation in prices will rise dramatically and quickly.

Where to hide? Click here. (What is being described in Britain and Europe will also effect the US.)

The first 20 years of the new century will be known as the bubble years. You are in it right now. Understand it for what it is and make investment choices accordingly.

Governments and Banks are reacting. Please be proactive in your future investments and avoid the bubbles. They may be very pretty, but they have a tendency to pop at the least expected moment.

March 27, 2010

Silver investing vs. equity in your home

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I was sent a link to this newsletter from (on my blogroll). Click here.

Valuable information here. This newsletter explains why you will either lose your house or lose the equity in your house and should purchase a case of silver coins (currently around $9500) to protect that equity or to purchase real estate after the rise in silver.

This is a specific financial opinion, please consult a financial adviser and tax accountant for advice on your specific situation.

This is one of the tools to use to navigate this financial crisis.

Side musing: from Dan at Jim Sinclair’s website:

Trader Dan’s Commentary

Try telling that to the “Dollar is a safe haven” crowd. As has been said here so often – the financial difficulties that the states, counties, municipalities, etc. are experiencing is sooner rather than later going to become an issue for the Dollar to contend with. If that were not enough, the amount of indebtedness that the US has now incurred is mathematically impossible to repay without a currency devaluation.

U.S. Is Riskier Than Euro Zone; So Says CDS Market

The USDollar will be “revalued” and it will effect all assets priced in dollars including your house.

Here is an inflation-adjusted chart for housing. As you can see, you have already lost purchasing power on the equity in your home if you purchased it after 1980. You can also see that we are past the cycle of your home value keeping up with inflation. We will come back to that cycle, but not for a while. Non-debt related investments will keep up with inflation during this winter K-wave cycle.

Side-side musing: you may have already read about the silver manipulation story, click here. Yes, there is manipulation in the silver market (and gold), but that manipulation will not break the long-term trend. The investment houses that are manipulating (cough, NYFed through JP Morgan) are doing it for short-term gain. China and other Asian countries with dollar holdings are right there to buy gold and silver at low prices when JP Morgan plays their shorting game.

Side-side-side musing: and now….a murder attempt? Post from zerohedge… here. groovygirl would not be the least surprised by a murder attempt. Just like she doesn’t believe all those “suicides” after the banking implosion were really actually suicides. There is a lot of money and power at stake in this corrupt global system.

March 26, 2010

Martin Armstrong’s latest handwritten letter from “the hole”

For immediate release….

Martin Armstrong’s latest letter #5 “from the hole” dated 3-26-10.

Click here.

In this short one-page letter, Martin has support and resistance numbers for the DOW, confirmed lows on the DOW and his outlook of possible inflation vs. deflation. Update: it seems Martin is very ill, and the prison will not let him see a doctor. That information keeps “disappearing” from Kris’s scribd site.

Grunch of Giants

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Written by the wonderful R. Buckminster Fuller.

Click here for a video summary of the book.

This video is more than a summary of a book, it is a video presentation of someone learning, applying that new knowledge to their current situation, and then teaching that knowledge to others.

Groovygirl wishes the same for you.

In addition, read the whole book at the link provided for free.

In times of change, learners inherit the earth, while the learned find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.
–Eric Hoffer – Longshoreman, Philosopher

March 25, 2010

Greece will get bailed out by US

History repeats itself.

Newly released info that FED bailed out Greece in 1974. Click here for zerohedge (.) com’s post.

Groovygirl reminds you that the Greek bailout plan will be the plan for all the PIIGS. This is an ongoing crisis throughout Europe. As much as the powers that be think they can bail out the banks and the world, they are wrong. Expect a revaluation of every fiat currency on this planet before this is all over. This is the greatest wealth transfer in history.

The Fed can not stop going down this road, there is no turning back. They must devalue (and then with default, revalue) the USDollar. Protect your investments, get out of the way of the oncoming train wreck.

Purchase investments/assets that are tangible, preferably mobile, and have no debt associated with them.

More updates: click here .

Side musing: “Bernanke says bailouts of banks is inconscionable.” Click here.

What, huh….wtf? Groovygirl has fallen down some hole into a parallel universe where less than 18 months ago, Ben and Paulson did not basically force money on the banks and engineer the bailout of AIG. Who does he think lent Paulson the money to bailout anything that moved? Santa Claus?

Wake up, wake up….groovygirl is very dizzy.

He goes on to say that the economy should not be dependent on a few elite banks. What the hell? What does he think the Federal Reserve is?

Groovygirl is simply beside herself from this brass contradiction and bold-face lie. Ben has now taken the stance of the politician and is counting on the herd not remembering anything he said the last 2 years. I hope Jon Stewart covers this.

As the Mogambo would say, “we are doomed”.

(It is groovygirl’s suspicious opinion that he is saying this ridiculous statement now, because we are not supposed to notice that the US gov (with Ben’s help) is bailing out Greece and the rest of Europe right now.)

March 24, 2010

More wise handwritten words from Martin Armstrong

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Handwritten letter from Martin Armstrong dated March 16, 2010.

Definitely read this……support and resistance numbers for oil, gold, DOW, and S&P500.

Click here.

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