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March 5, 2010

Faber says buy gold, groovygirl agrees

Mark Faber said in an interview on CNBC:

“I would recommend that people buy every month some gold for ever.”

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Totallygroovygirl wholeheartedly concurs.

If you have not started saving or buying gold. Do so now. If you can not afford gold, buy silver.

This is going to get ugly. No matter what they do in Greece, it is obvious that “the powers that be” have NO intention of fixing this problem of derivatives. They have every intention of making as much money as possible destroying currencies.

This will get very ugly, very fast once the gov really starts printing money. Groovygirl is not guaranteeing that gold will make you rich, but I will guarantee that gold will be the best place to have your money over every other global currency. It will hold its purchasing power which is the best thing you can hope for in a global currency crisis and hyperinflationary depression.

In the winter k-wave cycle, preserving capital is the goal.


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