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March 10, 2010

Harry’s Book

Harry Marakopolis’ book is now out. He is giving interviews. The one at doesn’t pull any punches; Jon Stewart’s is more tame.

Click here for kingworldnews. (Listen twice.) Side musing: did you catch the quick part about pension funds? Think 401ks are not next?

Click here for Jon Stewart’s interview.

Where did the money go? Answered in the CNBC interview. Transcript here.

Groovygirl recommends this book and these interviews because it is the same structure that other hedge funds, banks, and credit derivative swaps are operating right now (because they can).

This is not just a Bernie Madoff isolated incident. Understand that this is the status quo and “the powers that be” are putting all their energy into preserving the status quo (or if necessary, the appearance of the status quo). Click here for Warren Pollocks’ latest video commentary.

Be very aware. Understand this system and how it works. Side step this system as much as possible. Take your money, assets, and investments out of this system.

Side musing: update on Martin Armstrong’s situation here. Limited information to keep Martin as safe as possible.

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