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March 11, 2010

Unemployment, Gold and Hyperinflation

The US gov at its best. If they can’t solve the problem, they change the formula. Groovygirl warned you about this. Click here. Unemployment numbers to be worked over. By the way, (on my blogroll) always has the real unemployment stats. It’s over 20% now. That’s Depression territory.

GATA rattles some cages. Click here. Make sure you have your gold/silver in hand and stay away from the exits, when this finally comes to light.

Groovygirl has commented on John Williams’ latest (2010) Hyperinflationary Report, but here is another blogger’s take from a worse-case perspective. John Williams is probably right on (less than 5 years for hyperinflation), so groovygirl will continue to restate his thoughts and other’s reactions to them. Click here.

More possible paths for the government to take in this crisis. Click here.  Have a plan in place for each possibity.

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