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March 15, 2010

Martin Armstrong

Martin Armstrong is still “in the hole”, pending an investigation. Click here  for more info. So, I think it might be awhile before we hear from him. In light of that, let’s review a past paper and info.

Martin’s Gold $5000 said that gold would make a move up in April or October 2010. Click here  for that paper. And groovygirl’s past post.

To support that possible movement…..

Here is something from Jim Sinclair’s website today:

Gold Wave Analysis. Click here. Supporting a May upward movement.

And from

U.S. STOCKS: The Foundation’s cycles point to solid gains through June or July — but huge dangers through the end of the year and beyond.

GOLD: The precious metals cycle is now signaling that the recent correction is about to reverse and a new surge is about to carry the yellow metal to $1,300.

OIL: A run to $90 per barrel — and perhaps beyond — is about to begin.

CURRENCIES: The Aussie dollar and the currencies of other resource-rich countries will leave the euro and the U.S. dollar in the dust, even while others fall against the dollar.

Side musing: I am sure you have already read about the cashing in of IOU’s written in the Social Security file. Click here. I wonder how they will get paid…..more money printing perhaps? We are turning the corner, more retirees per actual worker. And since there are no funds saved, only IOUs, we have hyperinflation to look forward to even without the gov bailing out everything  (except the taxpayers) that moves on the globe.

Yes, the social security “funds” are a bunch of IOUs from the government of the United States, filed in 3-ring binders in one filing cabinet in West Virginia. So, you really think you will EVER see an ss check? Your gov has already spent your retirement money on other things, like wars. You will see a check, but that check will buy nothing. The gov has a vested interest in social security obligations to keep the value of the dollar going down (or revalued into another reserve currency) and the inflation numbers rigged.


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