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March 16, 2010

Martin Armstrong writes “from the hole” handwritten letter dated March 12, 2010

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For immediate release…..We are entering phase II of this debt crisis.

Click here to read. (This link seems to be a moving target. Try here.) One handwritten page dated March 12, 2010.

Another hand-written letter from Martin Armstrong (dated 3-9-10). Excellent, please forward. Click here.

Updates on stock market, bonds, and sovereign debt crisis. Martin has no access to data, so info and charts are not included. Only general info on markets for right now.

What a trooper.

Direct pdf:




Fort Knox

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L’empereur est sans culottes.

Although, groovygirl doesn’t necessarily believe there are gold bars in Fort Knox, we just don’t know, do we?

I find it highly unlikely that Nixon decided to go off the gold standard before he and administrations before him “sold” alot of gold to see if that drastic move could be at all avoided.

Just like there is no money in the social security fund. Same principle. (See yesterday’s post-side musing section.)

Anyway, this is what Alan Greenspan said:

The reason Fort Knox will remain a mighty fortress, however, may come down to something Alan Greenspan once told (Ron) Paul. When Paul asked the former Fed Chairman why the Fed hangs onto its hefty gold reserves, “Greenspan said ‘just in case we need it,’” says Paul. “You hold onto it because it’s the ultimate in money.”

Click here  for full article.

The US may have no physical gold, but make sure you do. A currency crisis is brewing.

Side musing: from John Williams latest summary. (You pay for the detail.)

– Bottom-Bouncing Continues

– Fault Lines in “Recovery” Begin to Show

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