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March 20, 2010

Warren Pollock’s latest blog video

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Warren Pollock has a short video about he pull between the old structure and uncertainty of the new structure and how that influences what we are seeing today.

Great video. Click here.

I like Warren’s views because it gives us clues to look for as we shift from the winter cycle to the spring cycle. First, a new stable structure that will focus investment on the physical world and sustainability of resources on a global scale.

This is very long-term thinking and may be hard for some to grasp, but groovygirl is a long-term, big picture thinker.

One thing is very clear, the old structure is breaking down and the new structure is not yet decided upon, so investing is hard to do. Thus as the video says, PIMCO has lots of cash on the sidelines.

Side musing: groovygirl has been ordering seeds for her garden the last few weeks. All seeds have gone up an average of 30% since last year. I have already stated that Monsanto has raised its prices by 10-20%. So whether you are a professional farmer or hobby gardener, you are paying a lot more for seeds this year. No deflation in seed prices.

And, wait for it…..7 banks imploded yesterday.

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