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March 25, 2010

Greece will get bailed out by US

History repeats itself.

Newly released info that FED bailed out Greece in 1974. Click here for zerohedge (.) com’s post.

Groovygirl reminds you that the Greek bailout plan will be the plan for all the PIIGS. This is an ongoing crisis throughout Europe. As much as the powers that be think they can bail out the banks and the world, they are wrong. Expect a revaluation of every fiat currency on this planet before this is all over. This is the greatest wealth transfer in history.

The Fed can not stop going down this road, there is no turning back. They must devalue (and then with default, revalue) the USDollar. Protect your investments, get out of the way of the oncoming train wreck.

Purchase investments/assets that are tangible, preferably mobile, and have no debt associated with them.

More updates: click here .

Side musing: “Bernanke says bailouts of banks is inconscionable.” Click here.

What, huh….wtf? Groovygirl has fallen down some hole into a parallel universe where less than 18 months ago, Ben and Paulson did not basically force money on the banks and engineer the bailout of AIG. Who does he think lent Paulson the money to bailout anything that moved? Santa Claus?

Wake up, wake up….groovygirl is very dizzy.

He goes on to say that the economy should not be dependent on a few elite banks. What the hell? What does he think the Federal Reserve is?

Groovygirl is simply beside herself from this brass contradiction and bold-face lie. Ben has now taken the stance of the politician and is counting on the herd not remembering anything he said the last 2 years. I hope Jon Stewart covers this.

As the Mogambo would say, “we are doomed”.

(It is groovygirl’s suspicious opinion that he is saying this ridiculous statement now, because we are not supposed to notice that the US gov (with Ben’s help) is bailing out Greece and the rest of Europe right now.)

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