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March 27, 2010

Silver investing vs. equity in your home

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I was sent a link to this newsletter from (on my blogroll). Click here.

Valuable information here. This newsletter explains why you will either lose your house or lose the equity in your house and should purchase a case of silver coins (currently around $9500) to protect that equity or to purchase real estate after the rise in silver.

This is a specific financial opinion, please consult a financial adviser and tax accountant for advice on your specific situation.

This is one of the tools to use to navigate this financial crisis.

Side musing: from Dan at Jim Sinclair’s website:

Trader Dan’s Commentary

Try telling that to the “Dollar is a safe haven” crowd. As has been said here so often – the financial difficulties that the states, counties, municipalities, etc. are experiencing is sooner rather than later going to become an issue for the Dollar to contend with. If that were not enough, the amount of indebtedness that the US has now incurred is mathematically impossible to repay without a currency devaluation.

U.S. Is Riskier Than Euro Zone; So Says CDS Market

The USDollar will be “revalued” and it will effect all assets priced in dollars including your house.

Here is an inflation-adjusted chart for housing. As you can see, you have already lost purchasing power on the equity in your home if you purchased it after 1980. You can also see that we are past the cycle of your home value keeping up with inflation. We will come back to that cycle, but not for a while. Non-debt related investments will keep up with inflation during this winter K-wave cycle.

Side-side musing: you may have already read about the silver manipulation story, click here. Yes, there is manipulation in the silver market (and gold), but that manipulation will not break the long-term trend. The investment houses that are manipulating (cough, NYFed through JP Morgan) are doing it for short-term gain. China and other Asian countries with dollar holdings are right there to buy gold and silver at low prices when JP Morgan plays their shorting game.

Side-side-side musing: and now….a murder attempt? Post from zerohedge… here. groovygirl would not be the least surprised by a murder attempt. Just like she doesn’t believe all those “suicides” after the banking implosion were really actually suicides. There is a lot of money and power at stake in this corrupt global system.

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