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March 31, 2010

Gold Ponzi Scheme update

Groovygirl is steaming mad. Big Media FAILS once again. Media blackout warning.

CFTC hearing: Andrew Maguire: whistleblower on silver market manipulation. GATA wins!!! Hearing reveals additional info……what GATA has been shouting about for 10 years is also true… market is a ponzi scheme to the tune of 100:1.

NO ONE IS COVERING THIS! Manipulation of the gold market.

This is the most important warning that groovygirl can possibly issue on this blog:

Take physical possession of your gold and silver investments (and put them in a vault).

The exact same thing that happened in the mortgage market when investors suddenly realized that their AAA investments were in fact non-existant WILL happen in the precious metals markets. It is the same musical chair (regulators out to lunch) game, make sure you have a chair.

The reality that the physical gold that currently backs the gold price is 100:1 will come to light. 100:1, that means if you want to exchange your gold investment for actual gold (when everyone else wants theirs to), you will get 1% of your original investment.

It seems in this day and age, no market is untouched by the system of the ponzi scheme.

Click here for Eric King’s (from kingworldnews though interview about the fraud that is the COMEX. Listen very carefully to the things that might happen from the people who are in this business.

Let me make one thing clear, groovygirl is not saying do not invest in gold and silver. Gold and silver is a hedge against the USDollar ponzi scheme. But now, you must take possession of physical gold and silver investment to protect yourself from THAT market’s ponzi scheme.

JP Morgan/Goldman Sachs (or anyone else) can manipulate the market short-term only, and soon it will blow up in their face. Ponzi schemes have one thing in common. They always end and they always end badly. This is the biggest financial fraud in history.

Jesse at Cafe Amercain believes that this information will never be revealed. Maybe, but the effects of this truth, whether exposed or not publicly, must play out somewhere. It may be blamed on something else, but it will play out. At the very least, expect some wild swings in this precious metals bull market as Asia calls the US bluff.

Asia is patient and determined in their ways. Follow their example.

Protect yourself and your investments.

Update: more articles on this most important news story…not from Big Media…click here. Not only does Andrew have emails (posted in links), but there are recorded conversations with Maguire and the CFTC that have not been released. Some video links of the hearing on the link above. Oops…some have “disappeared”. View them quickly before they are all gone.

Another post with more info here. And here.

Another interview at kingworldnews with GATA on the gold fraud. Click here.

Update: groovygirl is kind of taken aback by the lack of concern about the proof of gold and silver market manipulation and fraud, even on the blogs. Groovygirl doesn’t really know what to make of this reaction, or rather lack of reaction. I have come to the conclusion that it is like the Fed and the fiat dollar; we all know that the Fed creates money out of thin air (in fact they admit it on their website) but because the sky has not fallen, everyone thinks it will never fall. Groovygirl says, first, wealth has been stolen from you by money printing through inflation whether you want to admit it or not. And, second, the same is happening in the precious metals market. And if you think these scams can go on forever, you are a fool. K-wave winter cycles are all about resetting to zero.


  1. Dear GG, The fact that there is suppression of real events is becoming more clear all the time. Your efforts do not go in vain. I sent the news to some of my family who know that I own gold and silver and who incidentally share my views about the media, They consider this incident a little to hard to understand. Silver? who cares. Gold, we don’t own any so how does that affect us? We have so far to go in the education of the people at large.

    Comment by Thomas Yonker — March 31, 2010 @ 7:20 pm

  2. C. D.

    Good videos from Prof. Black!


    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — April 1, 2010 @ 11:32 am

  3. Thomas,

    Thanks for the encouragement. I am concerned that investors will either not know about this scam or hear about it in passing and not buy physical gold because they think anything gold is a scam.

    groovygirl just wants people’s savings to be protected. It is clear that government is doing nothing to curb any of this corruption and fraud.

    Thanks for reading,

    Comment by totallygroovygirlfriday — April 1, 2010 @ 11:38 am

  4. […] of the gold and silver markets by JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs. Click here and here for the past posts and links to further testimonies. We all knew about it, but now there is […]

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