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April 13, 2010

Finally someone covers the gold fraud on main stream….

Click here for the story via zerohedge……….finally some major papers pick this up, we are almost 30 days into this gold fraud scandal. Zerohedge promises some more details soon.

Hold physical gold (and silver), we have no idea how this story will play out. We still don’t know if it is just a rumor or true. We really need some independent auditing and fact clarification instead of rumors. But since all we have are rumors and the whistle blower’s testimony, hold physical gold.

Side musing: Kris says that Martin Armstrong is “out of the hole” now. Perhaps he will have  access to paper now.

Update: More info that gg missed on the gold fraud, click here:

But…ack…another coincidence: Shortly before somebody crashed into Maguire’s car, the CFTC caught on fire. This fire happened to be located in the one small basement room where gold and silver trading data and other pertinent documents were kept. The CFTC claims that its investigation of metals manipulation, for what it was, did not burn.  So maybe it was just an accident. Maybe some eager CFTC regulators were down there smoking cigarettes. Maybe it was stress. Maybe they’ll keep investigating. Maybe they’ll bust the criminals

Update: Another coincidence: GATA reported recently that there has been an attack on the King World website — the website that contains the radio interview of Maguire and his emails to the CFTC. This was an apparent attempt to shut down the website and prevent the scandal from being exposed further. The Internet company that hosts the King World website reported to King World the following: Your hosting account is the target of a distributed denial of service attack…Computers were attacking your account.”


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