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May 17, 2010

GEAB N45 is out

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The European trend report from GEAB N45 is out.

Click here.

Groovygirl really likes this report because it gives people in the US, the real situation in Europe, not US financial TV’s version.


The nations of Europe have just committed to a new Euroland through the latest crisis. The Euro will rebound to $1.45 in the coming months. Although the people may not be that trilled since no one asked them about committing billions of Euros and their future tax dollars to the new United Euroland. (We in the US understand and sympathize).

Britain is next on the chopping block, as they declined to join in this latest Euro plan. They are on their own and it doesn’t look pretty at all.

More of the same….waves of economic crisis (as this new plan takes effect) and citizen violence (as people realize their government reps just made major decisions without them on May 9th).

Now moving toward GB and US.

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