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May 20, 2010

Could there be an Oil spill cover up?

Filed under: Credit Derivatives, Good Debt Bad Debt, Odds 'n ends, The Financial Crisis — totallygroovygirlfriday @ 1:32 am is reporting that the White House is covering up the frozen oil blob at 3000 ft. that is about to hit warmer water.

We will soon find out, won’t we?

Click here.

Doesn’t matter who is in office, they all manage to f-up and then blame and cover up.

Sorry, groovygirl is just a little pissed off today. She is sick of media being asleep at the wheel and governments trying to cover up their mistakes. If they spend half the money and energy in their cover-ups, they could fix the original problems cheaper and faster. Oh, but that would make sense. It’s all just silliness to gg.

What are they going to say when oil is all over the shores of the east coast or farther? (Right now they are denying that the oil that is washing up on the shore of Key West is from this spill. Where is that oil coming from, another Gulf oil spill? This is ridiculous.)

They haven’t even managed to stop the leak for God’s sake.

Anyway, it’s clear to groovygirl that this is the worst oil spill in the history of the world and the impact will be global. Figure out what your personal risk might be and prepare. It is clear that the government will not help you.

Update: BP finally admits the leak was really 210,000 per day. The tube is now capturing about 5,000, but there is still “a little” leaking. (Groovygirl doesn’t trust anything these clowns say now.) BP says that 5000 barrels per day was always just an estimate. I mean, it must be so hard for them to estimate such a thing since they have only been in the oil business for 100 YEARS. Please. 

Click here. 

Ok, so 4 weeks at 210,000 per day, let’s see now, carry the 2, that’s…..5,880,000 million barrels of oil slowly moving towards the coast and major currents. Let the lawsuits commence.

Update: now BP is policing the waters. Interesting. Click here.

Side musing: Warren Pollock has a very good video explaining the recent German move to ban naked short selling of certain investment instruments. Click here. The bottom line is total chaos until everyone gets together and restructures the global debt system. That means someone holding debt will lose money. This is not the environment to trade in.

Groovygirl also really liked this video about monetization of people. Click here. This sounds like a 21st century feudal system to groovygirl.

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