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May 27, 2010

Ok, I have my investments in order, what’s next?

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Those of you that read this blog regularly realize that there is a paradigm shift happening now. It is permeating all levels of society in every country and effects all aspects of one’s life, including, of course, finances, the main focus of this blog.

You may be getting to the point that your own personal house is in order and be ready to help others or join organizations that are facilitating positive moves forward on a local, state, or national level. It can get overwhelming looking at all the groups that have “solutions” out there.

Groovygirl thought Chris Martenson did a great job outlining the qualities he looks for in an organization before he expends his hard-earned money and energy.

I have been slow to throw my hat into the ring with organizations dedicated to bringing intelligent responses to our predicament. The reason is that I have a list of requirements that have to be met:

  • The proposed actions have to address the real challenges that we face.
  • The organization has to be strictly non-partisan and neutral or silent on a wide range of belief-centered positions.

I know that doesn’t seem like a very long list of requirements, but it turns out that it eliminates an enormous number of organizations and individuals from consideration as affiliate partners.

Click here for the full post. (The point of this post is not to point you to Slow Money, but to get you thinking about what qualities an organization needs to have before you would want commit to them. You want to join a team that will ride the wave with you, not drag you down.)

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