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October 7, 2010

Monsanto down 42%

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Groovygirl is very excited that Monsanto is doing so badly, as it is her humble opinion that Monsanto is the most dangerous corporation on the planet.

So, she was definitely rejoicing when she read this.

China is taking over, unfortunately, that may still mean that US farmers are under Monsanto’s thumb, but at least the rest of the world will not starve for lack of yield. The most radical thing you can do is grow your own food.

Forget the dangers of genetic-altered seed released randomly into nature, it just doesn’t make economic sense for a farmer to go into debt and pay twice as much for a yield that is the same with normal agricultural practices or organic agricultural practices.

Update: nothing can stop gold, it’s 1365 in early trading this morning. As Jesse has told us, we will move to 1375, retrace, and then go on to 1455. (Check out the comment section of this post for a link to great interviews on financialsense.som.)

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