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October 15, 2010

You will need your own plan B

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Very important post from Chris Martenson on peak oil.

Click here.

The implications of this are that North America “remains highly vulnerable to a liquid fuel emergency disruption” and, since because there are only a few dusty plans lying around, there will be greater chaos than necessary.

We are looking at disruptions starting in as little as 2-4 years. (that is not even taking into consideration inflation in gas prices, this is simply a supply issue addressed in the post above.)

It is time to prepare. Start researching ways to store gas and oil for your personal consumption and emergency generators. Gas, under the best of circumstances, only stores for about a year. Start storing and then using regularly from the stored container.

This will affect not only auto gas, but every item made with crude oil. And people, that’s basically every manufactured item on earth today.

We are talking about oil not being available at any price for periods of time. Rationing and high prices. The military will always get the rations first.

Side musing: from John Williams update today. Real inflation is 8.5%, but ss checks are not going up:

– Dollar Debasement Fears Mount
– September Consumer Inflation: 1.1% (CPI-U), 8.5% (SGS)
– Retail Sales Gain Reflected Seasonal Distortions from Year-Ago Clunkers More Than It Did a Happier Consumer
– August Trade Deficit Took 0.5% from Third-Quarter GDP

Based on the current real inflation rate, all time high gold should be $7,785 and silver $453. Groovygirl is confident that in time, gold and silver will reach at least these levels before a bubble could form or the government might  force a sell- back  from individuals.

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