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October 18, 2010

Latest letter from Martin Armstrong dated October 9, 2010

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For immediate release, Martin Armstrong’s latest letter dated October 9, 2010, entitled, Nice Try, But No Cigar (13 pages).

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Martin Armstrong quote:

I have warned numerous times that the low is in place (for stocks) and we will see new highs in the Dow Jones Industrials long before we see a new low. I have warned that gold will rise to the $5,000 level and it will rise with stocks.

Lots of ideas packed into one letter:

Currency War: Yen will rise above the 1995 levels and cause Japan to fall into a Great Depression by 2015.

Because of the design of the Euro, devalue of the European debt is not an option. This will come to a major crisis point in the future. Weaker European countries will have to default.

The problems with China’s currency are really about the amount of global capital (which most of it belongs to China) invested in sovereign debt. It is the current placement of capital and how it moves that is causing imbalances, not trade.

80% of the national debt is accumulated interest over the years. We aren’t even a consuming nation anymore, we have moved to only creating more debt to sell to the globe.

Page 6 and on ward, a detail of the economic turmoil and revolts around 1381.

Page 8, great long-term graph of cycles  of public vs private control.

The lack of term limits for all branches of government has sacked the rule of law written in the Constitution.

It is all about instant power and profits.

Page 10, monthly DOW chart. Martin says that capital is switching from public to private and this chart shows the switch.

Government is collapsing from its own weight.

Groovygirl says: I agree with Mr. Armstrong that stocks will go up in cost, but I am not sure that they will go up when priced in gold. So, my conclusion is: gold and silver as insurance for a currency collapse/chaos, stocks are secondary as an alternative in the face of  a defaulting of government debt. I believe gold will out perform stocks, and gold and stocks will outperform anything government debt-related (which now includes the mortgage industry).

In a hyperinflation, stocks go up, but stay flat in purchasing power. Gold and silver meet and then exceed their fiat currency purchasing power. Click here.


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Monsanto buys the Black Ops (or clandestine intelligence services portion) of the corporation formerly known as Blackwater (Xe Services). Bill gates buys 500,000 shares of Monsanto.

If this story is true, all groovygirl has to say is “wow”. Click here.

Why would a seed company be interested in the black ops military business? There really aren’t many answers to that question, are there?

Groovygirl would like a confirmation of this story released over the weekend by the Nation. This alliance should cause everyone on the planet to pause. Groovygirl is not a conspiracy theorist, but I don’t know what logical, good purpose GM seeds and Black Ops have to accomplish together on the globe.

I will say it again. Planting a non-hybrid, non-GM garden is the most radical and revolutionary thing you can do right now for yourself and your family.

It will be interesting to see if this gets covered by lame st. media. They certainly didn’t cover the sale of the aviation portion of Blackwater last June. Already, many bloggers have hooked onto this story, asking the same question, why? What purpose? Even if it’s just to get a hold of Xe’s huge lobbying and PR framework, it certainly doesn’t make groovygirl feel any better.

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