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October 20, 2010

Gold manipulation

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Retiring CFTC judge says there was consent from highest levels of the market manipulation.

Click here.

Inside information reinforces what GATA has been saying for years. This is not a reason to sell gold, it is a reason gold will go much higher.

Mortagage update

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For immediate release:

Jim Rickards gives an excellent and concise audio interview over at about the real impact of this mortgage news story. Click here. Listen twice. This is very important, “I think, we are looking at another bank meltdown”.

Make sure your bank holdings and savings are protected for the next 2-12 months as this plays out. We are looking at a banking system collapse or another major bank bailout. Neither option is good, remember 2008.

GEAB N 48 is in

Latest LEAP E/2020, click here. Summary, click link for detail:

The identification, at the beginning of 2009, of a new phase of the crisis (the phase of global geopolitical dislocation) forced us to take new parameters into account (nine indicators were selected in 2009) to effectively incorporate trends that are reshaping the global system (1). As 2010 draws to a close, LEAP/E2020 now estimates that the world’s various countries are heading for a collective dive at the core of this phase of socio-economic and strategic geopolitical dislocation (2). Thus our studies enabled us to continue presenting the LEAP/E2020 anticipation of “country risk” for the 2010-2014 period (3), by adapting the categories to the crisis’ development, via four groups of countries (4) characterized by the contrasting impacts of this dive in the geopolitical dislocation phase of the global systemic crisis (5).

The punch line: the US is delusional and will soon find that out after fall elections and failed QE2.

Side musing: Banks stocks took a hit yesterday. If you don’t take away the punch bowl, someone will end up covered in puke. The mortgage mess has finally thrown up on Wall St. Click here for the latest from

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