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October 23, 2010

proof the government has no intention of curbing illegal immigration

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As long as the US demands a social security check, illegal immigration will continue. The social security system (which should be broke, since it lives paycheck to paycheck, and not, as it was originally designed) now depends on immigration, both legal and illegal to survive.

The social security system is now fully advocating the stealing of American’s social security identities in order for the SSA to get paid through employers based on illegally obtained numbers. The US Government is supporting the defrauding of citizens and illegal activity of stealing identity. Amazing. The SSA is actually counting on this illegal activity continuing, in other to keep from becoming completely broke.

This is wrong on so many levels:

  • The SSA (Social Security Administration) is promoting and supporting identity theft.
  • The SSA is double charging American businesses for payroll taxes on the same ss numbers that obviously are not the same person. They may owe money, but not on illegal numbers.
  • The SSA is not prosecuting individuals that they know and have proof are committing identity theft. They have all the ss numbers and addresses all right there in their office. (They must think that thousands of Americans have Star-Trek-type transporters that can move them from one 40-hour a week job in CA to another 40-hour a week job in NY during the same week. Or maybe, Americans just learned to clone themselves. Or, they are dead-men working, but amazingly only paying ss taxes, no income tax. I am sure the IRS is mad about that. They can’t seem to cash in on a dead person.)
  • The SSA, a part of our government, is profiting from identity theft, a crime, illegal activity, fraud, etc.
  • All three branches of government are as guilty as the SSA as they are doing nothing to prevent these crimes or enforce laws already on the books. Either enforce the law or change the law to one you will to enforce.
  • I guess fraud will continue when both legal and illegal persons go to collect their ss benefits under the same number and try to prove who they are. How would you know that your ss number was stolen within the social security system unless something weird happens before retirement?

If it is good for the government, it doesn’t matter how many of their own laws are broken.

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Groovygirl is amazed that one part of the government has calculated illegal immigrants into a 50-year forecast in order for their department to stay solvent, while other parts of government (FBI, border patrol, state and local police, homeland security) spends billions and billions on keeping illegal immigrants out of the US.

Talk about dysfunctional. Groovygirl thinks that juxtaposition is a much bigger problem than a flood of illegals. Nothing is going to get fixed, either social security or illegal immigration, if the government is this bi-polar.

Ladies and gentlemen, the system is broken.

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