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October 26, 2010

Silver Manipulation!

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Silver manipulation story is confirmed again.

Like the mortgage mess, this story is not going away. Insiders are talking.

Click here.

And here.

Watch silver go up as this unfolds.

Comments from Jesse at Cafe Americain:

Some will attempt to dismiss what Mr. Chilton is saying here as inconclusive. Keep in mind that he is a high profile CFTC official, and what he says comes through a 50,000 watt megaphone, so he must choose his words with great care. But this is almost unprecedented for an official to speak out against his own administration.

The response to these sorts of revelations seem to be a blanket of media silence and whispered character assassination, which is the mark in trade of those who have no sense of duty, honor, and country.  But the dominos are starting to fall, and more revelations are to come.

Update: JPM and HSBC are being sued for silver manipulation. Click here.

Art Cashin on the market

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Art Cashin is interviewed on Click here.

Another great interview. Art says the market will show us which way it will go in the next 2 months. Art doesn’t seem to have a guess as to the direction yet.

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