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October 29, 2010

Latest Letter from Martin Armstrong dated October 15, 2010

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For immediate release:

Martin Armstrong’s latest letter entitled, Show Me the Money, dated October 15, 2010 (24 pages). Click here.

This letter has Mr. Armstrong’s predictions for each currency (with charts) for the next 1-5 years, last several pages. He also covers the continuing currency and trade wars and how that will harm and eventually cause a collapse of fiat currencies in general, especially the USdollar.

Groovygirl will comment more later.

Oil reserves

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Click here for an article about the major revision in potential Alaskan untapped oil supplies (assuming the oil companies can secured enough debt to get it out of the ground). It is a 90% revision down. That’s quite a revision.

But there is natural gas instead. That doesn’t help the national shipping infrastructure which economy is built on.

Side musing: Groovygirl is wondering if the government knew about this revision prior to the recent arms deal with Saudi Arabia? Groovygirl thought that arms deal was kind of weird and out of the blue, potentially causing more friction in the current Middle East political environment.

Bob Janjuah

Bob was on Bloomberg, via Good interview. Click here.

“In 6 months time, if we’re right, I think treasury yields are lower. Sub 2. 10-yr notes. I think the S&P could be sub 1000. Gold, look I think we may see the highs for gold in the next 3 months in this little cycle, 1500 maybe but beyond that, I think absent of a policy response, I think gold could fall.”

Groovygirl comments:

I note that about 6 months from now, we will hit Martin Armstrong’s date of June 13, 2011, where he is calling for a major change in Economic Confidence Model.

In Bob’s forecast, S&P at 1000 could be dollar driven or market driven or a combo. Lower Fed rates on the 10-year is a given if the Fed does QE2 from November until ? as they have announced.

I think QE, a 15% drop (which isn’t very much) in S&P, and low-interest rates, calls for higher gold, not lower gold. I think Jim’s prediction of $1650 is still not out of line, which isn’t that much off of Bob’s $1500. Groovygirl likes Martin’s date, will it take 6 months for people to realize that the new congress is as dumb as the old?

We will have to see how gold will react to Martin’s June 11, 2011 date.

Side musing: here is an excellent post with Greg Hunter, The Six-Million Dollar Problem. Everyone must understand this fraud.

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