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December 11, 2010

The Establishment knows?

Important article from Dr. Gary North. Click here. This is a must read.

Groovygirl’s comment:

If the establishment understands the major issues that need to be addressed before 2015, why are they not addressing them? Are they planning something behind closed doors? Are they arguing amongst themselves? Are they hoping it will all fall apart when the other party is in power, so they may be reelected? It will be too late then. The voters are cluing in very fast that this financial crisis is to be blamed on both parties. Are they in denial that this is not a massive fiscal crisis but the falling of the American Empire? The voters certainly are. Are they all going to retire before 2015, so they will not be caught in the crossfire?

And what about the military complex, are they going to give up their power and control so easily? Stand by and have their budget cut? Last time someone cut their budget, they ran arms and drugs out of central America to fund their operations. It is groovygirl’s humble opinion, we have no reason to believe they are not still working that system to some extent.

Quote from Dr. North’s post:

These two Establishment spokesmen see what is coming. The American empire is about to sink in a sea of red ink. The debt-driven economic cataclysm is going to hit. The empire will be crowded out, along with economic growth.

The welfare-warfare state is going to become the welfare state. Then it will go bust. Long before it goes bust, the voters will decide not to fund the military-industrial complex’s lucrative game plan. When push comes to shove, the voters will shove the American empire away from the trough. This will end the dreams and schemes of the faceless experts who have quietly directed the ship of state ever since 1921. Their gravy train will come to an end.

This could not happen to a more deserving bunch of people.

Side musing: it is this continued lack of transparency and acknowledgment of reality that scares groovygirl. What happens when the interest due on outstanding Treasury Bonds outpaces the US ability to sell more bonds? What happens if foreign holders of current bonds call in their investment all at once? (That’s called financial warfare, and the US will lose.) That’s when your social security, pension fund, 401k, and IRA will be in jeopardy. Do not think for a minute that the US will not pull an Argentina and move all the retirement savings in this country into Treasury Bonds before the dollar collapses for good. This move will be billed as “protecting or securing your retirement”.

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