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January 26, 2011

The Barbaric Relic-10 yr avg-18% ROI

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Click here for a post from John Embry via Jim Sinclair’s site.

Do not be discouraged by the recent downturn, it is a normal short-term correction, not a change in trend.

If you use the 3 wave system for a bull market, we are in the second wave in this gold bull market. This wave is usually the most active. It is slower in duration than the 3rd wave that shoots up, but it is better in returns than the first wave.  So expect better than 18% for the next few years during this second wave (last year was almost 30%).

The third wave is always the shortest and best return, but you must time the collapse well to see those returns. That is very hard to do and you will probably miss.

Must read from WatchDog

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Click here. Make sure to read all the comments and Greg’s responses. In groovygirl’s opinion, there is very good advice there.

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