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April 11, 2011

Update on Japan crisis

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I haven’t really linked to anything on the Japan crisis lately. The problem has not gone away, in fact it is clear, this will be a continued global problem.

Click here for an official report from the EPA on radiation levels in air, water, and milk in the US. Groovygirl is grateful that the EPA is releasing official numbers. However, several major cities and areas in the US are missing. Missing information alarms groovygirl as much as false information. Does this mean they didn’t take samples from those areas, or the readings in those areas did not fall below the level of safety and therefore they were not included?

Now might be the time to use the powdered milk and the bottled drinking water you have stored for emergencies depending on your location and access to good information on the radiation impact in your local area. Radiation from Japan is carried by rain and wind. Therefore concentrations in one area in the US can be very different from those just a few miles away.

The reactors in Japan are in full meltdown, there is no stopping the contamination now until the reactors are walled up in concrete. Apparently that is not happening at the moment. And on top of it all, Japan keeps experiencing intense aftershocks at 7.0. It is still a very dangerous situation. The evacuation zone is too small around the area of the reactors, even-though the Japanese government has expanded it recently.

The accumulative effects of the radiation in air, water, and food, is too great for those living in Japan. If you know anyone living there, encourage them to leave.

Do not buy any products from or near Japan. If you are unsure of the origin of your food, switch brands or don’t eat certain types of food for a awhile until more information is released.

Washinington’s blog has very good information on the ongoing Japanese crisis. Click here.

Looks like some good information from Fairewinds. Click here.

Although, it seems that this crisis has not impacted¬† the financial markets, it has. Japan’s economy and ability to continue the yen carry trade has ended. The most recent crisis was averted because over a trillion dollars was pumped into the Japanese markets to hold up the global markets. Japan has also lost their ability to buy US Treasuries (although the Fed is probably buying through proxy to hide that fact). The money pumping has not stopped. At some point it will fall again and continue to fall. The goal of the global markets is a controlled collapse. They are not trying to avoid a collapse, they can’t do that. They can only try to control and hide the implosion.

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