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April 14, 2011

Chalmers Johnson

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If you have an hour, this is a great video interview with Chalmers Johnson, author of Nemesis, Blowback, and other books on the empiricist policies of America and how they are unsustainable long-term.

Click here.

Note: groovygirl is not sure she agrees with the highly structured plan of the NWO. However, I have never observed the Elites of history waste a crisis cycle that they knew was inevitable.

Mr. Johnson (and totallygroovygirlfriday) is not anti-American, he just knows the history of every empire dating back to Babylon. Empires expand. However, at some point the empire expands to the point of unsustainability.

In other words, it costs more to expand/secure the empire than the goods and wealth captured/obtained. It is a cycle of expansion and contraction. You have a choice to voluntarily contract the empire or cease expansion or you can be pushed back and conquered by the newest expanding empire that has not reached unsustainability yet.

Debt and economic cycles work the same way. All three cycles (too much debt, too little real economic growth, and an overextended military) are hitting the United States at the same time. That is why the American Empire must decline in the coming years either voluntarily or involuntarily.

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