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April 19, 2011

Update on Japan crisis

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Update from on the Japan reactor situation. Click here.

gold update

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Gold hits all time high and major milestone in intra-day trading today….$1,500.

Main Stream Media continues to ignore all red flashing warning signs of next leg down in this global debt contraction. Nothing to see here, Sheeple, move along. Look over here, Timmy is on this screen saying US debt doesn’t matter, rating agencies are wrong, but raise the debt ceiling or disaster will bring down the United States of America.

Too late, Timmy, gold prices, even suppressed,  say US and dollar already dead. Just waiting for MSM and Treasury to acknowledge reality.

Update…and silver just took out $44. Groovygirl LOVES this.

Hyperinflation Special Report 2011

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John Williams of has made his most-recent update (for 2011) to his ongoing Hyperinflation Report public. Click here for the entire free version. Very important read.

Misc news and links

Groovygirl has come across many important financial news links the past few days. So, here they all are with brief comments:

GEAB N45 is out. Latest from the newsletter with the pulse of Europe and Britain. They are calling for a major breakdown/crisis in global financial system (another crisis similar to 2008) by fall of 2011. They suggest the newest reason for this breakdown will not be the US debt, per se, but Britain’s unsteady economic situation. Click here for the summary.

One of the largest pension funds in America, University of Texas, not only buys gold, but takes full, private possession of it. Finally, one of these pension funds gets it. They are currently only holding 5% of their capital in gold bullion. Their reasoning? Global financial uncertainty and if they owed ETFs, their portion would break the COMEX if they wanted to take possession at some point in the future. Wise decision. Please follow their advice, but have at least 15-20% of your net worth in physical gold and silver in private vaults. Click here. This news is very bullish for precious metals.

Lots of protests and riots continue around the world. Click here for Greece. Click here for Saudi Arabia (the most dangerous situation). Also, rumors of more protests in Central Asian countries and old Soviet-block countries as well. All related to heavy national debts, expanding currencies, and high food and energy prices.

And the biggest news, yesterday. Click here. S&P downgrades US debt. Every investment bank is not only talking US debt down, but revising their 2011 US economic growth predictions much lower (below 2%). On the flip side, economists paid by the government, are calling for 3-4% growth.

JP Morgan defaults on real estate deal in Japan. Expect more of this. If a deal is going to cost cashflow for the foreseeable future, as in the case of Japan, the big investment banks will just default. This type of reaction will not help Japan at all. If you do not already get it….the third largest economy on the globe just became a third world country and is taking cashflow, capital, and newly printed money with it. The crisis in Japan is huge and is impacting the global financial market right now in a big way.

BRICS are getting the USdollar out of their national currency systems. Next, they are slowly moving away from using the dollar in international trading, click here. Next stop, new trading currency for oil that is not the dollar.

Jim Rickards on Click here. All the interviews were good this week.

Six banks down last week. Click here. Continued US banking controlled collapse. Stress tests (which were rigged to be very positive) show US banks can not handle less than 2% US growth, which is what we are lining up for by the end of the year.

Good interview on precious metals mining stocks. Click here. Groovygirl doesn’t own very many mining stocks, because she doesn’t know enough about the market. However, she suggests that readers learn more, not less, about global precious metal mining stocks for the future. Groovygirl believes: they are currently underpriced, they will consolidate and gain in value as gold and silver prices rise, and if confiscation occurs (unlikely or not) mining stocks will be where those monies go.

Newly released documents prove BP and White House influenced or silenced scientific findings on the real scope and impact of last year’s oil spill. Click here, scroll down for links. Groovygirl guarantees that the exact same thing is happening in Japan right now.

Oil and auto gas are still going up. This is another major downward pull for the global economy.

GG’s conclusion: it is looking more and more like another global financial crisis coming very soon. If you are not in a safe financial position, get in position, as if it was 2008. I don’t think this is the final battle, I believe it is the next global crisis in the war that will end the global fiat currency system as we know it. The Fed could print money to avert a crisis, but I don’t think they are that knowledgeable to hit it perfectly. Something will contract, somewhere.The Fed can only react, not predict, there are too many variables in too many countries.

So, this is what totallygroovygirlfriday has done/ is doing….

GG’s suggestions: some cash at home, some food and water at home, cash savings in at least 3 different banks, 10-20% of your net worth in physical precious metals in at least 3 private vaults with at least one outside of the US, hold only short-term (1-6 mos) bonds/treasuries of any nation or city, if at all. Be prepared for a dip in all markets, only own stocks for the long-term or not at all. If you know that you will need cash anytime in the next 18 months to 2 years, liquidate those assets now. Do not worry about making money on short positions or front running the markets or QE3, get your capital to safety. That should be the top priority right now, if not already in place.

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