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May 5, 2011

Latest Letter from Martin Armstrong dated May 4, 2011

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Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest letter entitled The Man Who Changed Our Way of Life Forever dated May 4, 2011 (25 pages).

It is, of course, about Osama. Page 10 is of particular interest to groovygirl as Mr. Armstrong sums up several waves going on right now and into 2087. He says that this will be the subject of a future letter.

Jim Willie on the USdollar

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Jim Willie has an excellent post over at Click here.

He does a good job of explaining an update on the dollar currency crisis. One of the most important points he makes is the impact of the rising Japanese Yen that no one is talking about. Totallygroovygirlfriday believes that some of the recent drop in the dollar is related to the pressure on the Japanese Yen brought on by the Earthquake and following crisis. I also do not think that all of the impact of that situation is priced into the currency markets. The Japanese Yen will not all of sudden bounce back and continue its dollar-yen carry trade. The Japanese economy is down for the count. The Fed is trying to control the rise in the Yen, they know they can not stop it.

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