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May 11, 2011

Taking a break from economics

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… view this awesome video of the “Dumbo” deep-sea octopus (about 3 min). Groovygirl loves octopi.

Jim Sinclair on kingworldnews

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Click here for Jim Sinclair’s latest interview with Eric King on

“…This market isn’t the average guy, this market isn’t the average multi-millionaire, this market is giants and those giants are not bearish.”

Rent vs. Buy

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Found an excellent post via Chris Martenson’s blog about the housing market. Patrick’s calculator is very good!! It actually does negative appreciation in the price. I have found no other real estate calculator on the web that does that.

A couple of things that Patrick didn’t mention: we are in a 26-year decline in the US real estate market that started in 2007. Keep that in mind when thinking about buying, selling, or renting. In addition, it is true, you don’t need an RE agent, but you do need a lawyer to look over the contract. You need a lawyer even if you have an agent.

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