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May 13, 2011

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with the real stats……

– April Year-to-Year Consumer Inflation: 3.2% (CPI-U), 3.6% (CPI-W), 10.7% (SGS)
– Fed’s Dollar Debasement Efforts Boost Three-Month CPI Inflation into 6% to 7% Range
– Official Double-Digit Consumer Inflation Possible in Third-Quarter
– With Rising Prices Dominating Sales Gains, “Core” Retail Sales Were Unchanged in April

According to Mr. Williams, the gold price based on the real inflation rate should be $8,386. The real silver price based on the real inflation rate is $488.  Historically, the gold and silver price has moved up to levels that compensate for the fall in purchasing power of the currency.

These future highs compared to today’s prices: physical gold and silver are on sale, cheap!

Groovygirl expects the gold and silver price to met these highs (or go higher) at some point as physical gold and silver (good money) drives out fiat currency (bad money).

Chris Martenson

Chris Martenson on interview. He talks about his new book. GG has read it. It has the complete info of the 18-hour video seminar. Plus he talks about options for what to do to prepare. That’s about the last third of the book.

Click here for the interview.

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