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May 14, 2011

Japan crisis still not under control

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Click here for the latest from TEPCO, finally admitting what zerohedge, George Washington, and Fairewinds has said for the last 2 months. And this from Washington’s site. Not sure if it is a prediction or example of possible worse case scenario.

groovygirl’s concern is that the US government will not test milk, water, food, or national air sites for radioactivity within the US. They have only a few sites on the west coast that they have taken any readings at all during this crisis.

Once again, since our government will not gather critical information and Japan is clearly lying about everything, you will have to research and discern the best protection for you and your family. Don’t panic, research. Fairewinds seems a good place to start.

Things to remember. Japan still doesn’t have these reactors under control so it is either leaking into the air and/or ground water/ocean. In order to contain this radioactivity, they must encase it in a concrete structure that can withstand earthquakes for at least the next 50-100 years. The take away here is: this is a serious on-going global issue that is not easily going away anytime in the future.

Japan’s economy has stopped. It will not be able to continue at even a reduced pace until this plant is contained and another source of electricity is created. Japan was the third largest economy in the world. This is having a major impact on the global economy. We are only 2 months into this, so the quarterly and annual reporting will start to show us the economic damage by the end of the year.

First hand account of Argentina’s hyperinflationary collapse

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Click here for an excellent article regarding Argentina’s hyper inflationary collapse. I highly recommend forwarding to your friends and family.

Key difference between Argentina and the US: Argentina could still do trade in an underground black market economy and international business trade in USDollars, the world’s reserve currency. What will be the back up currency for trade when the USDollar goes under? That is why they must have a reserve currency in place for international trade before the collapse. But gg guarantees that they will not be so forward thinking to have something for the US citizen to buy groceries with.

GG thinks this is a worst case situation in the US. However, let’s think about some things.

Let’s say the banks go under and the government completely takes them over. Will all employees return immediately to work to get you cash, refill ATMs, and process your credit transactions? Will there be enough cash in the system? Answer: no.

Let’s say rioting and looting begins in all big cities across the US. Are there enough police force to institute martial law immediately everywhere? No, we are in the process of cutting police forces. How long to get overseas military personnel back to US soil to contain a national situation? The US now has agreements with Mexico and Canada to call in their military/police for such a scenario. However, if there is rioting in the US, Mexico and Canada will need to keep their police force at home because it will probably be worse there.

Just-in-time deliveries. This is the biggy. If there are restricted money transfers and big city rioting and limited police enforcement, trucks, trains, and cars can not deliver the amount of goods the public is used to. Supply chains will be broken and fractured. At best, this will mean some local economies stop. At worse, food and energy will be unreliable or unavailable. How long will that last? A few days, a month?

Even if the US gov has a plan to fit every possible scenario in an economic breakdown, the logistics involved require time. Time that you, your family, and your neighbors will be left alone to fend for yourselves. Be prepared for at least that period of time.

Groovygirl was also interested in the long-term consequences of the Argentina breakdown. These are things that groovygirl definitely thinks could happen in the US regardless of a short-term breakdown.

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