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May 17, 2011

GEAB N55 from LEAP/E2020 now available

You pay for the detail, but click here for the extended summary. As stated before the second half of 2011 will not be pretty and will set the stage for the next global economic crisis. There is a chart that has that 2016 date again….2014, 2015, 2016. Be prepared.

GEAB says that Fed will not be able to continue QE3 in any true form and US Treasury rate will have to increase as US dollar drops:

Unable to launch a QE3 (even unofficially through its Primary Dealers as it used to do until the world became too closely interested in the US Treasury Bond market), the Fed will helplessly watch interest rates rise, US government deficit costs explode, the world dive into an intensified economic recession, stock exchange collapse and the US dollar show erratic behavior, making short-term saw-tooth movements, depending on the influence of these events, before suddenly losing 30% of its value as we anticipated in the last issue.

All of this may actually happen in later years, just set in motion in second half of 2011.

Gold and silver

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Click here for updated silver and gold and dollar charts from Jesse at Cafe Americain. We may have broken that short-term trend, watching closely.

Formally known as Blackwater

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Click here for the latest gig for Blackwater, protecting United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Groovygirl is always interested in this new shift from sovereign standing armies to missionaries and robot wars. Xe, formally known as Blackwater, has completely moved off shore, revoking its US citizenship and ties (all ties?).

The article states that Xe has been hired by the crown prince to create a standing private army of 800 men to deter any rebellious activity within the country, more if it goes well. Sounds as if the crown prince is very concerned about the wave of unrest in the area and they are not sure how NATO would “help” in future rebellions.

Some questions that come to mind:

Who is Erik hiring? Men from within the area? US Citizens? Former CIA? Just confirmed, no Muslims.
What kind of orders did he get from the prince? Peace at any price?
Will we hear anything in the media if this doesn’t go well?
Does Erik have other contracts in the Middle East for similar services?
What if the US goes into one of these countries where one of Erik’s for-hire missionary armies is operating on the other side?
Does his contract with the prince exclude criminal prosecution if something “goes wrong” like in Iraq?
How do the people feel about this? How is the media, limited as it might be, portraying this? How about other countries in the area? Iran?

All of this is very interesting. It was interesting when Erik was working only for the US, now it is even more interesting now he is working for a country with which the US has current stressed relations. The article also mentions where Xe has training camps, Colombia and South Africa were named. Retired military from the US and Europe are training these men. US citizens are probably being hired. Are we setting up a situation where retired CIA and military personnel are forced to revoke citizenship to work for Xe and then face off current CIA and retired CIA? On US soil? This is uncharted territory in the realm of war and security.

And of course, the biggest question of all. Will there be a point in the future that the US will hire Erik’s band of merry men to “secure” the US against internal rebellion?

The Set-up for next World War?

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Click here for a very good video post (about 3 minutes) from W E Pollock. These are the global movements happening right now that gg is watching closely.

Groovygirl agrees with Warren’s comments that the situation in the Middle East is very much like the set up to WWI. Go back and study WWI (although you may want to use a history text-book from before 1970, better yet before 1940). If you really want to research something interesting, research newspapers or history text books about a particular subject over a period of generations. Watch how emphasis and context changes over 100 years. It is fascinating.

If you read first hand accounts of the politics in Eastern Europe before WWI and the summary of the culture in 2010 history text books, it is night and day. Even the most unbiased and balanced historical account summarized and taken out of the context of multi-level global culture gets distorted. Therefore, we never see history repeating itself before our very eyes.

Click here for another concern in this area: Iran’s flotilla.

Also, very concerned about the deaths and under-reporting of national response to Syria’s protests. Many leaving Syria and going over to Lebanon.

There are a lot of different issues hitting the Middle East/North Africa at the same time. This is an explosive time bomb with a global economic collapse as the backdrop.

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