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July 18, 2011

Phone hacking scandal

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In case you haven’t heard, since all Murdoch US news publications and TV have blacked out the story…including the WSJ; there is a huge phone hacking scandal going on in England. First, two top Murdoch directors have been arrested and resigned last week, then two heads of Scotland Yard have resigned today. News of the World closed its doors. Now, the whistle-blower is found dead? Can’t make this stuff up, click here.

Can’t wait until this moves to Murdoch’s US holdings or “brain room”….this FOX producer should be careful, apparently whistle blowers wind up dead. More former employees talk about Black Ops at HQ, click here. Is Murdoch running a global news organization or Blackwater?

“You provide the prose, I will provide the war.”

London trader

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London Trader gives his short term view on gold and silver via KWN. Click here.

Update on Sigma X action

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Since Sigma X is the market now, here is an update from zerohedge.

Well, based on today’s action at Sigma X, the next, and probably biggest domino may be about to fall: the UK itself, because coming in at position #2, just behind UniCredit, we see Lloyds Banking. And if Lloyds goes, the ones that will follow are Barclays and RBS. At that point, the financial crisis goes global.

Another war?

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Kind of an interesting article on a possible Israeli attack on Iran. Click here for the post via zerohedge. And here is a peek at Iran’s economic situation.

Humorous line of the day:

Removing four zeroes off the national currency will not have any inflationary impact on the economy, the deputy governor of the Central Bank of Iran, Hossein Qazavi, said here on Wednesday.

Yes, just like adding four zeros has no impact on inflation.

Gold and silver up this morning, we will see how they do this week. Physical gold and silver is your protection against the subtracting of zeros.

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