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July 20, 2011

The Oil Bourse

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Interesting development in the move away from dollar-denominated oil. Click here.

If Israel attacks Iran (or reverse), and the US backs them, this will be the reason why.

The takeaway here is whether oil is dominated in dollars or anything else, as long as the dollar continues to be printed, oil and gas for the American consumer will become more and more expensive. The rest is just another reason for the world to think the US is a big bully, which we are. But there is a new kid in town and he is unimpressed with our bully tactics.

GS wins again, investors lose

George Washington reminds us how Goldman Sachs (and others) bet against the same mortgage securities that they sold to clients. He also reminds us that they did the same thing in Europe and we are seeing the result today. Click here.

Don’t think that they won’t do the exact same thing to US debt (city, county, state, and federal). They will.

Goldman Sachs will keep working this plan…package unpayable debt (made pretty by accounting gimmicks), sell to clients around the world (including sovereign funds and pension funds) and then short the debt, and make tons of money when it implodes. Buy up what real assets are left at the fire sale for pennies on the dollar and resell them at a 500%+ profit. Then, move on to the next debt implosion target.

They will do this until all global debt (including currencies) have imploded or someone decides to put them in jail, since, you know, this is illegal.

On the brighter side

Click here for a post about Will Allen and He is actually building assets (not destroying them) and educating youth and urban communities in the process. Check out his website, great info on the very practical sustainable food systems he has created. If you think you and your community can’t be self-sufficient with food all year round (he is in Milwaukee); he will challenge your thinking. The City has asked Allen to create a sustainable food program that will create 150 new jobs. Click here.

Side musing: groovygirl LOVES his system of using compost piles (which generate heat naturally) to warm hoop houses in the winter time. And of course, the fish to soil cycle is ingenious.

Will Allen wins, farmers win, urban community wins, local eaters win, youth wins, communities win!

Nothing destroyed, even the waste is composted.

Wow, Will Allen…..polar opposite of Goldman Sachs.

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