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September 9, 2011

Retired Greeks are self-sufficent

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Click here for an interesting article about pensioners in Greece returning to their old farming communities and living off the land. What a novel idea!!!

Giorgos Christonakis, a former employee at Hellenic Petroleum, lives between Athens and Amari. “After I retired, I went to look for a house in the village. I have since planted vegetables, I have my own olive trees and I plan to grow wheat so I can make my own bread,” he says. His children, he says, are not too keen on moving to Crete, so he has to travel between places. “But if the state breaks down and I end up losing my pension, what will happen then? At least we will have an alternative; we won’t starve to death.”

Groovygirl doubts that this could occur in the United States on a major scale. In Greece, those over 65 actually grew up farming and can remember how to do it. The majority of Americans have no idea how to grow a vegetable. First, they need an educator to teach them and then the experience of a few seasons to actually fend for themselves.

Even Greeks, in the mist of economic and political crisis, are thinking ahead.

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