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September 12, 2011

Gold and silver

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Volatility in the price of gold and silver doesn’t mean it is a bad investment. It means that fiat currencies are warring with each other and will just collapse at some point. Expect big moves of $100-$300 per day.

Latest release from Martin Armstrong dated September 8, 2011

Click here for Martin Armstrong’s latest letter entitled Bound to the Theories of the Past dated September 8, 2011 (17 pages).

It is no surprise to groovygirl that independent studies have concluded that Martin Armstrong has a readership of over 400,000 readership. Martin believes this is due to a lack of formal education and discussion of the current floating exchange rate that is not working.

Martin takes a historical trip through the world of taxation from 1600 to the present. GG found this paper on taxes very interesting. I don’t remember studying this subject in Economics?

Martin always mentions an important issue on page 10-11, business needs stability to invest. They have to reasonably understand what the taxes and government economic policies will be in the foreseeable future in order to invest.

Starting on page 12, Martin comments on President’s Obama’s speech last Thursday night.

Martin says that taxes are not necessary because money is not tangible anymore. In addition, he says that the high taxes of the United States have exported production and business to other parts of the world.

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