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September 21, 2011

Update on Martin Armstrong’s Computer Gold Forecasts

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Click here for Martin’s full forecast paper from 9-15-11. This is Mr. Armstrong’s first computer model forecast since 1999, he warns us that it has not been tested yet. Trade at your own risk.

H/T to Lemming for the following update (thanks, Lemming):

Status from Martin’s gold forecasts last week:

(Reversal) Again tested and held above 1763 in premarket.
(Computer) New low today at 1770 in premarket. His statement to “consider taking profits if new lows on 9/20 or 9/22″ produced an option to have closed his short position from 1813 on 9/12.
(Timing) Next turning point is 9/22-9/23.

(Reversal) Still bullish (1730 not broken).
(Computer) Waiting for 1900 to sell.
(Timing) Too far from Friday to compare against last week’s minor closing low. Minor weekly closing high still expected 9/23.

Monthly: Too far from end of September to conclude anything yet, so still bullish, but monthly closing low still expected end of October.

Hunter post

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Click here for Greg Hunter’s latest post about the European Bailout.

Great post, but here are same scary stats:

The ECB is setting up a $600 billion European bank bailout fund, and according to Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, $600 billion is not enough for the European share of the bailout!

The last global meltdown caused the Federal Reserve to create and hand out $16 trillion.  That $16 trillion figure is a solid number.    It came from the Government Accountability Office (GAO) compliments of a little provision Senator Bernie Sanders tagged on to last year’s Wall Street reform bill.

If $16 Trillion didn’t solve the last global crisis long term, how long will $600 billion last?

Wow, we are talking about a lot of money creation here going into a big, endless hole of debt.

Williams says, “Massive, fundamental dollar dumping and dumping of dollar-denominated assets could start at anytime, with little or no further warning.  With a U.S. government unwilling to balance or even to address its uncontainable fiscal condition; with the federal government and Federal Reserve standing ready to prevent a systemic collapse, so long as it is possible to print and spend whatever money is needed; and with the U.S. dollar at risk of losing its global reserve currency status; much higher inflation lies ahead, in a circumstance that rapidly could evolve into hyperinflation.” 

China has already announced they are/will exchange their US Treasury long-term debt for short term and they will sell their US short term debt. So far, they are keeping their USDollars to purchase commodities around the globe. So, the treasury dumping in already in the works.

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