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September 30, 2011

KWN interviews Martin Armstrong

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Click here for the King World News Blog page. Highlights from Eric King’s interview with Martin Armstrong about who will crash first. Audio is now up! Listen twice, good interview.

All of the foreign central banks hold US government bonds, not actually physical dollars, but they actually hold bonds as a reserve. So the reserve currency is not something that is going to crack first.  You have to understand that because if the dollar were to be the first thing to collapse, the rest of the world has to go with it.


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Although, gold has taken a hit and is close to the weekly bearish number from Martin Armstrong (we shall see how close later), gold is still trading within the uptrend channel that began in 2008-2009.

Click here for chart of the day.

Long-term, groovygirl is still bullish on gold.

In case you were not aware….

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The Onion is not a real newspaper, they publish fake stories. It is called Satire.

Stephen Colbert is not really a ultra-conservative republican, he is an actor. Again, it is called Satire.

The United States is not in an economic recovery. It is moving into a depression, or at the very least, a prolonged recession. (Please, continue to argue semantics, it will solve all the world’s economic problems.)

The situation just isn’t funny.

Recent Assessment

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Click here for a recent assessment from Jim Willie of Hat Trick Letter regarding the global economic situation. Groovygirl finally got around to reading the full letter from September 22, 2011. Good info on current big picture.

Side musing: there has been alot of talk out there about the crash of the euro. GG doesn’t know what will happen, but right now, the euro is very unstable. Some people are concluding that a crash of the euro, whether temporary or permanent, will cause the dollar to rise in purchasing power. Groovygirl doesn’t think that will happen (except possibility on a daily basis or short-term). Two reasons. First, the euro has been weak since March and the dollar has gained in value, but not as much as it has in the past when the euro was under much less pressure. Second, the European Banking Crisis is being fought with USDollars from the Fed. The Fed will continue to loan more and more dollars into existence to fight this crisis. Unfortunately, that move will just create more dollar inflation around the globe, not save European banking. A move up in the USDollar or US Treasuries doesn’t mean you should keep your money there indefinitely. It is NOT a safe haven. As soon as something more dire happens in the US, all attention will then turn toward the dollar.

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